about me

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
— Picasso

I love this quote and consider it the guiding principle behind my blog. I started this blog as a haven for my creative side. Over the years, layers of projects, dreams and inspirations have added up. It has evolved along the way. 

Some things have remained constant. I love children's books and art, gardens of all shapes and sizes. I take photos (when I find the time). I love to sketch and draw and I am passionate about design. I pour this love of design into everything I do. It is my day job (branding) and also a budding passion (surface design). I sometimes wish I could clone myself or at least find someone to help me tie up all the loose ends.

I'm a young mother and this compels me each day to be slightly better at loving and seeing my family than I was the day before. I love these small child years. I especially love how they enable you to slow down and look with wonder at everything your child is seeing, through their fresh eyes. Perhaps having fresh eyes are an integral part to what Picasso meant when he said every child is an artist. I, for one, think so.

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