Friday, September 26, 2008

mosaic revival

Last Sunday was mosaic day with my friend Jane. We both had mosaics languishing in dusty corners and couldn't bring ourselves to do the final step. I don't know what it is about grouting. It's not something I like to do alone and apparently neither does Jane. Maybe it's all the prep work and the mess, maybe its the finality of applying the grout, maybe its that slight twinge of dread that when its done it won't look quite as cool as you originally envisioned and the whole thing will feel like a colossal waste of time. Meanwhile, my mosaics have sat moldering in the basement next to the dog food for three years. But now, I can proudly say the vases are complete. For my next mosaic project, I'm going to see if I can shave down the production schedule by a year or two. This is definitely progress.

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