Wednesday, November 12, 2008

why I love maria carluccio

She gets the kids outside. Tea parties, barn yards, even down in the dirt with the creepy crawlies; Maria's work celebrates everything a kid could love about nature. I found these lovelies over in the main gallery of oopsy To me they represent everything I hope my son will discover in his childhood ramblings. 

A while back, I contacted Maria Carluccio for permission to do a post on her work. She was incredibly sweet and accommodating. I just wish I lived in NYC so I could take some her illustration classes. I guess the timing of my post is a little off kilter cause her site is currently under construction. But I'm keeping my eye on it. 

Thinking about kids and the outdoors reminds me I need to get The Last Child in the Woods onto my "to read list" on library thing. 

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