Thursday, June 18, 2009

J'adore Taru Design toys

That's it, I'm officially starting my christmas wish list today. I am so happy to have stumbled upon Taru Design's amazing flickr collection of handmade wooden toys, studio shots and assorted inspiring stuff. The care and craftmenship shines through in each piece. Alexandre of Taru Design generously shared the following artist statement for today's blog post:

TARU is a small Montreal workshop that designs, conceives and builds wooden art toys. Each toy is unique and hand-made from different wood essences. After fifteen years of work in the field of illustration and cartooning/graphic novels, I only recently started to create small sculptures/art toys. My love for wood – a living, tactile material - as well as the birth of my first child motivated me to go from drawing to the making of tri-dimensional wooden figurines. Toys have always inspired me; they are precious tools that help us build our imagination.

I am especially attentive to the materials and fabrication of my toys, in order to offer refined and quality objects. TARU toys are handmade from different kinds of wood. Because wood is a living medium with infinite shades, textures and patterns, every single toy is unique, even if they are made in batches. I carefully choose each piece of wood, and let myself be inspired by its grain and shade, which I then bring out. Once they are finished, they toys are polished with natural, non-toxic beeswax. The sensual aspect of my figurines is evoked by rounded angles and silky texture. Their aesthetic simplicity and kind faces charm children and adults alike.

Because of the presence of small pieces that can be swallowed, TARU toys are not recommended for children under the age of three.


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natasha said...

Those are so amazing, I love that they are un-painted.