Wednesday, January 14, 2009

aleks sennwald made my day

First of all, it made my day that a friend sent me a link to her portfolio at And then to top it all off, Aleks was super generous when I contacted her and offered to let me post some of her artwork here on my blog where all my illustration heros are now living. I really love these pieces from her portfolio of professional work. I have pictured here, top to bottom, the paiga beast for BEASTS! Book 2 by fantagraphics and a lovely heroine from Spectra Pulse issue no. 2. Lastly, I think you would be wise to check out her prints, galactus and root, at the loud cloud shop.


In Response to the Everyda Mundane... said...

I would love to make my way into the illustrating world. These are fantastic pieces all throughout the blog.

I have been creating my entire life, through art. It is my passion. How would I get my foot in the door to this business?

Child at Art said...

try participating in