Monday, January 19, 2009

snow angels, happy pups and tatsuro kiuchi

Today we had a bit of a messy start. I got all the way to school with bundled boy and then remembered... Oh Yeah THAT Martin Luther King Day. You'd think I could remember... especially considering we had just spent the previous evening discussing lessons learned at preschool about Dr King. Eventually all the pieces of the day started to fall into place. When I called home to get the latest news from son and dad they were happily making snow angels in the front yard. I worry about what we all loose, my son especially, in the frenetic routine of work, play and rest that rules our days. So news of snow angels, photos snapped, and naps postponed to play trains with dad makes for a happy monday mom.

I love this snow angel by illustrator tatsuro kiuchi. In fact, I pretty much adore every piece of work in his portfolio. So it pleases me to share this with you. He also has some very lovely prints, like the happy pup shown above available for purchase here. Happy Monday.

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