Friday, January 30, 2009

fables and foxes are lovely

I've already established a pretty solid record of my fondness for art and design rooted in fable imagery (see posts on Linnea Gitts and Diana Sudyka. My November 2008 in general is just chock full of them...) so when I happened upon Fables and Foxes I knew a part of it absolutely belonged here. Thankfully the talented illustrator and artist behind Fable and Foxes agreed. The fables and foxes fabric is by far some of the best looking work I've seen come through in Spoonflower's "vote for your favorite fabric of the week" email blasts. I am so glad she has decided to make it available at her shop. I also love her cut paper pieces, like the sweet little hang tags above. Fables and Foxes has tons of other beautiful fable-themed creations that bring to life Little Red, Thumbelina and of course the wily fox.


terence sullivan said...

oh oh, i love it!

GumballGrenade said...

Thanks so much for featuring work from my Fables and Foxes collection! You are too kind!