Sunday, February 8, 2009

my new recession-proof hobby

I've been trolling about for a winter hobby that suits my attention span and resources. Looks like felting is it. I love the ease of tossing an old thrift store sweater into the wash and having it come out twice as dense and completely transformed. Six wool sweaters that cost a buck each and you have all the raw materials you need for a couch throw. It's definitely a mom with small children kind of enterprise. Having one of those days when all you can get done is laundry? Just do a load for yourself between the sheets and the towels. How's that for multi-tasking. I haven't progressed to the sewing part yet. It's not very small child compatible. But I'm thoroughly enjoying the ruinous washing and messy chopping part. I think my son is too.

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Anonymous said...

very cool! I cant wait to hear how it turns out. Please post is when you have finished it!