Tuesday, February 10, 2009

today is Anke Weckmann day

I have so much about Anke I'd like to share today, I decided to split it into two posts. I am so smitten with her line of greeting cards, especially this one called Best Mom. It has a real tenderness and strength about it. How wonderful to find a card celebrating moms that isn't so syrupy sweet.

Anke's little shop is filled with all sorts of things: pendants, mirrors, brooches, prints... it's all beautiful. Anke is also a featured artist with Red Cap Cards.



kuri-chan said...

Lovely! I adore her face <3

argwolff said...

Thank you, thank you for introducing me to Anke's work. As a girl and mother-to-girls, I find so few likenesses I find likable. Bratz? Pinkalicious? The whole bevvy of Disney Princesses? Ick. Anke's illustrations are great.