Thursday, January 8, 2009

go lindsay

Uber-creative Lindsay, who I have the pleasure to work with, just got word that her illustration submission was accepted into this year's American Illustration Annual 27. She was kind enough to let me brag about her here on my uber-silly blog. Here's an excerpt from Lindsay's artist's statement.

“My work is a reflection of how I feel about myself and the world that surrounds me. I use my paintings as visual mentors; they are a documentation of my life, the things I have seen and done, people I have met, and the hardships I have overcome. Though I paint many different faces, most of them are faces and people that encompass an idea, emotion, memory, or feeling I have, not an actual person. The mediums I like to use are acrylics, inks, guache, graphite, and watercolor because I am able to use them in a quick manner and get the outcome I am envisioning, without having to wait too long for paint to dry. I also enjoy painting on smooth surfaces such as board and paper because I am able to get beautiful flat areas of paint as well as thick textural areas...

My current body of work, aside from focusing on my inner self, is dealing with the balance between painterly brush strokes and graphic shapes. After realizing my attraction to patterns and graphic art, I began applying it to my work. I like how this concept challenges the viewer to see my work as flat and dimensional at the same time.” Go Lindsay.


maribethtulenko said...

Mary, Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing this wonderful work. LOVE it! Maribeth

lindsay petrick said...

thanks a bunch, mary!