Wednesday, April 21, 2010

what better way to revive the blog

It's time for my semi-annual flare up of interest in mosaics. Some people get allergies. I pick up the grout. I have my talented friend Jane to thank for inviting me and my boys to help her complete a outdoor mosaic for a child's memorial garden. She's doing amazing work with a local organization called Art with a Heart. It was just the jump start I needed to get my own mosaic interests going again. Not to mention the great thrill that comes with getting involved with a great project for a great organization. Spring is a great time to get involved with worthwhile causes of all stripes. I am hoping to put in some time with a public garden that is going to be donating it's produce to a local food pantry this spring as well. I will have to revisit this thread to post photos of the final installation. It's going to be quite beautiful.

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Angela said...

How did I miss this?!? I've missed you so!