Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I love this bird

Quite a while back I decided to take pictures of cool stuff that I see within the rigid confines of my daily commute then I fell completely off the blogging wagon. This one's a no-brainer: the Visionary Art Museum bird just around the corner from my office. Making a giant mosaic animal of some sort is actually on my list of things to do in this life time. Poor little blog, hopefully I'm going regain some momentum now. Since I don't do google analytics and I don't post daily, the only real reason for blogging is me. So why not give me a little love and start posting.

My parents live out in the country. Suburbia is closing in fast, but for the time being, they have few neighbors and have to deal with pesky things like baby ticks on your ankles every time you walk outside and a finicky well that doesn't take kindly to being treated like a bottomless municipal water supply. Their grass has turned brown and it's not likely to turn back to that safe, suburban green because they need water for more important things, like drinking. Last time I saw my mom she told me a well story and upon hearing it, my metaphor detector started dinging like crazy. They got a little water-happy last month and drew the well down hard and fast during a serious dry spell. Then all of the sudden, mud started pouring out of the tap. They depleted the well so much the walls had caved in. It took several days of well TLC and patience for the water to clear up and life to resume the normal rhythems of laundry and cooking.

For me the metaphor is this, I've had a serious muddy period in my creative life, every creative impulse is thick and clouded over as mud and I can't see through it to actually get shit done. This period has had a direct correlation with me stopping the blog posts, and I didn't really see it until now. As silly is it seems, I think I let my well run dry. Apparently I need to keep looking and dreaming to be able to keep doing. So here's to waiting for the water to clear-up and not taking the simple things for granted. I need to respect my well.


The Painting Queen said...

That Bird is gorgeous!

design for children said...

It was wonderful going through your blog. And when I saw this pic I realised we live in the same town.I loved the mosaic bird and am hoping to go to the Visionary art museum some day.
Happy blogging.